Manage My Event

Manage My Event (MME) ia an App that allows you to monitor your guest's information.  This tool provides you a list of dates on which youe eVites or reminders are to be sent and Total Numbedr of guests currently RSVPd.   In addition, there is a link through wihcih you can add guests and trigger eVites to them.  A detailed listing of you guests is also available for display.  

Electronic RSVPs

The RSVP screens are built to collect the information critical to your event.  For example, some hosts want the guest's mailing address and other hosts do not need the address.  Your RSVP page can be coded to require certain information to be entered before the RSVP will be accepted.

Site Features
"Contact Us" Feature

The Contact Us page provides an avenue through which your guests can contact you with questions.  Your guest will enter their name and their email address, along with their question or suggestion.  When they click submit, an email is sent to the email address you provide.
Electronic Invitations

As a part of this process, your guests will receive an email notifying them of the invitation to your event.  In this email, basic details of your event are displayed along with a link that will take your guest to your invitation and RSVP.

You, as the host of the party, enter the email addresses of your guests into the registration App. 

The email invitations are generated on a date you select.  They will not have to endure the advertisements as with other services.  They will simply see your beautiful invitations, along with the convenience of an electronic RSVP.

In addition to invitation emails, you can also select to have RSVP reminder emails sent to everyone that has not yet RSVPd. 

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Electronic Registrations

Electronic Registrations are very similar to Electronic RSVPs, but would be more geared toward a Multi-Day Event, such as a conference or club event.  The Registration screen is built to collect the information critical to your event.    When the guest submits their registration, they would then proceed to the payment options screen, assuming a fee is linked to your event.

Event Electronic Payments

A Payment Options page would allow you to collect electronic payments from your guests for events that require payment in advance.  Links to PayPal and popmoney can be placed on this page, along with all the details for submitting payments.  If you, for example, would also accept checks, those details could be put in this page as well.  This page would be custom for your event.