My Mission Is Simple:
To provide elegant, electronic invitations and simple, quick RVSP Services to simplfy your invitation process.

To provide custom, temporary web sites, that provide event information to your guests, handle the registration process, and collect payments or registration fees..

      My services are designed to make your life easier!!!

There are two types of services:  Electronic Invitations and Multi-Day Event Sites

Issues with this site or suggestions for site, please submit details to
Designs By Pamela  *  P.O. Box 59548  *  Schaumburg, IL  60159   *   847-715-8072 

Contact Me
with questions about the process. 
Go To Request Estimate and provide
some basic information about your event needs.  I'll have an estimate back to you in 24 hours.
No Advertisements!!!!!

With my service,  your guests will not be assaulted with advertisements.
They will simply be provided with an elegant invitation and a very simpe and quick RSVP process.